Standards update
ISO 21500
Guide to project management

The International Standards organisation is has just finished working on a new international standard, ISO 21500, Guide to project management. If you think you have a challenging time getting the people in your organisation to agree on what project management is, then imagine the task facing the delegates of 20 countries as they grapple to find words that satisfy them all. I was on the working group for the standard and despite the frustratons and difficulties of gaining concesus, am enjoyed working with people from different industries and cultures. Whilst the ISO language is “UK English”, that doesn’t mean you can lift text from an existing standard and incorporate it. For example, many people take exeption to the word “execute”! You then have to balance the differing viewpoints: those brought up on the PMI approach, those who use PRINCE2, those who think project management stops with the project manager and those (like me) who believe project sponsorship is a vital part of business led-project management.

BS6079 part 1: 2010 
Principles and guidelines for the management of projects

The internationally respected British Standards Institute published its new BS6079 Part 1:2010, Principles and guidelines for the management of projects in autumn 2010.  This new edition draws on many of the same principles that the old version but has been totally rewritten and updated to reflect modern project management practice. Readers of the Project Workout will find many aspects familiar and indeed, the Project Workout is a useful, practical reference as to how to put the standard into practice. This standard should be a great help to people implementing enterprise wide project management in their organisations when their leaders require evidence of “best pratice” being covered. Like the project Workout, that standard can be used in a PRINCE2 or non-PRINCE2 environment.

If you have any views on this new standard, let me know. Use the “Contact” form.

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